Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could do at the Visitor Information Center

Lake Havasu City Visitor Information Center

Consider the Convention and Visitor Bureau’s Visitor Information Center your home away from home. One hundred thousand visitors make this their first stop each year. You’d be surprised what you can do there. The Visitor Information Center at 422 English Village, conveniently located off London Bridge Road near the London Bridge, is the place for up-to-date information on special events, special promotions, and, well, all the special activities that make our city so (dare we say it?) special.

Why is this location in a former theater such an integral part of any Lake Havasu City visit? It’s more than the free parking and friendly staff. Consider eight things you didn’t know you could do there:

1. Buy a piece of the London Bridge, in a bottle no less. Don’t worry, we’re not out there chipping samples. Seems we had some leftovers from bridge construction in the early 1970s. Buy all you want, we have plenty.

2. Purchase a collectible London Bridge Rotary Club Coin. To honor the reconstruction of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu and raise funds for charities, the London Bridge Rotary Club sponsored the release of the first “Havasu Dollar” in October 1971. A new London Bridge Rotary Coin has been released every October since that time. You can buy one, buy two, or a complete set right here in river city.

3. Apply for a fishing license. We can’t promise you’ll land a record breaking redear, but at least you won’t have the law chasing after you.

4. Pose on a personal watercraft. We dragged one inside. You can pose on it with a photo of the lake in the background. Hokey, we know, but hey, you’re on vacation.

5. Visit our in-house Bill Spresser Art Gallery and consider supporting local artists by purchasing one-of-a-kind artwork in a variety of mediums.

6. Watch a movie about the history of the London Bridge.

7. Study the architectural drawings used to re-assemble the bridge just outside the door. Each and every stone was numbered, like a huuuuge jigsaw puzzle.

8. Book a 90-min. walking tour that delves into the history of our iconic bridge and see the little-known WWII graffiti that has intrigued visitors ever since the bridge was re-assembled along our shores almost 50 years ago. Wireless headsets make it easy to hear the guide’s live commentary.

9. Buy as many Lake Havasu-printed t-shirts as you want. We can always print more.

10. Last but not least, take a hit off our free WiFi. Spend a few hours, spend the day for all we care. We have plenty of space for you to get your digital fix.

Learn more about what the Visitor Information Center can do for you at golakehavasu.com

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