Rubba Ducky, You’re The One – Win a Free Trip

Dallas Finch, Owner of the Rubba Duckys
Dallas Finch, Owner of the Rubba Duckys

This is so cute, we can’t even stand it. You and your friends or loved ones are invited on a Rubba Duck Safari to visit some of the lake’s most scenic attractions. Drive yourself in a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) as you follow a guide – the Mother Duck – who provides fascinating details about the lake. Now here’s the best part: come up with a boat name and win a free trip for four.

Captain your own center console Rubba Duck watercraft on a fun-filled, interactive, guided tour. This marine adventure is lead by an experienced guide who will take you for 2-1/2 hours through the famous Bridgewater Channel and out to the scenic open waters of Lake Havasu, including Pilot Rock and Balancing Rock. Explore secluded and hidden coves and be amazed by the beauty of Copper Canyon, searching for wildlife along the shoreline.

There are seven 3- to 4-passenger boats and one lead duck in the parade, with names like Moby Duck, Duck Tape, and Quacker Jack. Take a swim along the way; non-alcoholic beverages are included.

Now for the Fun Part: Name That Duck

Pick a new name for the newest boat in the fleet, and you could win a Rubba Duck Safari for four people. Just enter your suggestion onto by January 30, 2017. Head Mallard Dallas Finch will pick the winning name and notify the winner. No purchase is necessary.

All tours leave from 402 English Village. Rates are $69 per person (two passenger minimum), single manned craft $119 per person, including gas and 20 minutes of Rubba Duck boat driver education.

Compared to this, other lake tours aren’t what they’re quacked up to be.

For more information, contact Rubba Duck Safari at 928 208 0293 or view:

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  1. I don’t do Facebook, or ANY social media, and can barely navigate a computer, so is there an alternate method of entry? I don’t have a cell phone, either. If not, please discontinue my subscription to your email notices.

    1. Of course! You can comment on the story itself just like you did here, or hit “reply” to this message. Facebook is just a place where we can centralize results to make it easier on the owner of the company.

  2. My entry into name the Duck— since I suspect your area has many Senior couples either visiting or residents– thinking of them with
    “Last Love” for the boat name.
    Pam Gouker
    Byrdstown, TN 38549

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