Beer Drinkers Agree: Lake Havasu has a Bright Future

can of Bright Future beer

Beer drinkers everywhere in the city agree that Lake Havasu has a bright future. It’s particularly obvious in local stores and bars where the city’s rising stars under age 40 are being honored with a new locally-brewed beer. Imagine the surprise of 30 businesspeople under the age of 40 when they were recently recognized at College Street Brewery for their efforts in improving and shaping the Havasu community.

Expecting a (yawn) wall plaque or perhaps a Lucite desk clock, they received instead a case of locally brewed beer with their names on each can. But not just any beer. This was a brew called Bright Future Mandarin Pale Ale developed in a collaborative effort by all four local breweries: Barley Bros, College Street, Mudshark, and Outlaw.

The America’s Best Communities (ABC) Vision 20/20 Team “30 Under 40” event, which followed publication of a special Today’s News-Herald supplement honoring the city’s top young business leaders, was part of an effort to highlight the young leadership, skills and talent that already exists in Havasu.

The breweries crafted the beer while the Vision 20/20 committee customized the label and came up with the Bright Future name. Aymie Spitzer, another example of young local talent, created the graphics for the can and the corresponding website.

“One of the basic goals of our America’s Best Communities project is to help slow the aging of the community and recognize those younger professionals who represent the future growth of Lake Havasu,” said James Gray, director of the Lake Havasu City Partnership for Economic Development.

“Honoring Lake Havasu’s next generation of leaders could take us one step closer toward reversing a trend of ‘demographic starvation’ in Havasu – the aging and retirement of the present workforce, many who are baby boomers and older, without a younger workforce to replace it,” Gray continues, “We wanted a fun, unique way to highlight the millennials in our city. Since the city already has a thriving microbrewery scene, we thought a special brew could help us recognize our future business leaders in a way that expresses our appreciation for their talent.”

Gray is spearheading Lake Havasu’s entry in the America’s Best Communities competition. The city, which has already received $100,000, is one of eight finalists vying for a $3.5 million top prize that will go towards improving the quality of life here. The top three winning cities will be announced in April 2017. “Creating Bright Future Ale was a fun way to think outside the box, or in this instance, the case, and change the narrative of an aging workforce by emphasizing the city’s young talent pool,” Gray said.

If you were wondering, Bright Future is a brisk and bright pale ale that utilizes the unique citrus flavor and aroma of the Bavaria Mandarina hop variety. The pale ale was dry hopped with 30 lbs. of Bavaria Mandarina to achieve the subtle hint of mandarin orange and citrus notes. The beer finishes at a 5.7% alcohol by volume (AVB), with a mild bitterness and bold aroma.

Bright Future has a limited run. When it sells out you’ll have to wait until a new crop of leaders are selected for the 2017 awards. Until then, raise a glass and toast to our future.

Watch the video and see the list of award winners here:
Bright Future Mandarin Pale Ale

Learn about the local breweries and distilleries at

Mermaids Sighted in Lake Havasu

Mermaids in Lake Havasu

Loch Ness has its monster. Lake Champlain has Champ, and there are Yeti supposedly stalking the Himalayan region of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Not to be outdone, Lake Havasu has its mermaids, which are a whole lot friendlier than those piranhas Hollywood believes were chomping away in the lake.

Mermaids are one of mythology’s most popular topics – a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Africa and Asia, not to mention a Disney cartoon or two.
Lake Havasu’s very own mermaids are Kim Weimer and Brittney Manson. According to RiverScene magazine, Weimer said the reason she started wearing her mermaid swimsuit was to honor her mom.

“I have always loved mermaids. To me, they are mysterious and free.”

She said as a child the Disney movie The Little Mermaid was her favorite.

Not able to grow her own tail, she purchased an outfit online and the rest is, well, mermaid history. “Seeing little kids’ faces light up with glee when they see me swimming is one of the best feelings I’ve experienced in the world.”

Watch for a mermaid to return during the 2nd annual London Bridge Renaissance Faire on January 6-8, 2017. Moon Mermaid, born of the moon and the sea in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, will be there granting full moon wishes, protecting pirate ships from rough weather, and visiting with children.

She’ll be joined by stage and street performers in period costumes who will bring medieval history to life in a fun and dramatic way.
Add in a mermaid or two and it’ll surely be an unforgettable experience.

Learn about the mermaids in RiverScene Magazine: River Scene Magazine

Learn more about the 2nd annual London Bridge Renaissance Faire at

A Spring Break Worth Writing Home About

Lake Havasu Spring Break

There’s a sea change underway in regards to how the CVB is approaching spring break this season. The plans called for a calmer, more involved program, with less emphasis on partying the night away, and more on experiences throughout the city. It will be the kind of spring break worth writing home about.

Studies indicate millennials are prioritizing their cars and homes less and less, and assigning greater importance to personal experiences — and showing off pictures of them. A recent Harris Poll found that factors such as a need for recognition (for example, how many likes someone gets on their Instagram post), and a “fear of missing out” help drive millennials’ cravings for experiences.

“We’re rethinking spring break to promote the literally dozens of available outdoor activities and experiences our college-age guests can enjoy here,” said Chip Shilosky, president/CEO of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Starting this month, the CVB will be spending $17,000 for digital advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and a website landing page that promotes a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and rental services, especially those that cater to Havasu’s spring break visitors. The mostly college-age students will be spread throughout the city, not just concentrated on a few hotels, as in past years.

The new website currently under development,, will encourage visitors to book hotel accommodations directly and will serve as a clearinghouse of information on special events planned during their stay.

“We hope to expand spring break’s positive economic impact and create more opportunities for visitors to share on social media, thus expanding the message that Lake Havasu City is more than just a fun place to visit, but it could be a future full-time or vacation home once they graduate,” Shilosky said. “We hope to eventually turn visitors into residents.”

“It will be a lot less raucous and more cerebral, and certainly more upscale than in past years.”

Learn what makes Lake Havasu City so attractive as a spring break destination at

An Open Letter from Your Tourism President

To each and every Resident of Lake Havasu City,

I have finally settled into my position as President/CEO for the CVB and wanted to take a moment to express what an exciting opportunity this is for me, ranging from marketing Lake Havasu City as a major destination, to promotion of local events that draw thousands.

This transition for me from the public safety environment to tourism has been exciting and would not have been possible without the support of the excellent staff here at the Bureau and a Board of Directors committed to making Lake Havasu City America’s Best Community.

As I roll up my sleeves, it is my commitment to look outside the box, so to speak, and explore new marketing strategies that will ultimately generate increased visitation to our community.

To achieve our goals will require successful partnerships with all our stakeholders – chamber members, Partnership for Economic Development, the Lake Havasu Hospitality Association, homebuilders, civic groups, city leaders, non-profits, and others. This is our city. Working together in a spirit of mutual cooperation will benefit us all.

Special events bring an excitement to the city and makes this a more enjoyable place to live, not to mention the positive economic impact of thousands of visitors staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants, and otherwise contributing to the tax base. Lake Havasu City’s beautiful mountains, weather and lake are a great marketing tool for recruiting new events – we’re an attractive venue for event organizers representing a wide variety of activities.
First on the agenda is to look at events appropriate for hotter climates and the cooler winters, events that also enhance the quality of life within the community, both young and old.

Not all events need to be held outside, of course. Considering the city’s inventory of indoor venues, we’re looking to fill them up as well.
A great portion of our population has moved to Havasu from somewhere else so maybe you have an idea to bring your favorite event here. Just let us know and we’ll reach out to organizers to explain the wide variety of facilities and services we can offer.

There is no reason this town shouldn’t be busy every weekend. Events are a win/win for everyone.

It is my pleasure to serve as your President. Please stop by the office at 344 London Bridge Rd., visit our website at, or call (928) 453-3444. Tell us your ideas or just come by to say hello. We want to hear from you.

Chip Shilosky
IMG_8311Studio 028

Throw Like the Pros


Dean Rojas

It was a very big deal when the Rayovac FLW Series Western Division event came to Lake Havasu in February 2015. Imitating shad was the primary method used to elicit strikes from prespawn, smallmouth and largemouth. When as many as 300 pros and co-anglers arrived for the first stop of the competition, they brought with them a veritable arsenal of lures.

The pros were fishing for a top award of $40,000, plus a Ranger Z518C with a 200-horsepower Evinrude or Mercury outboard. With those kind of stakes, you can be sure they took their choice of lure very, very seriously.

Here are the top baits from that event:

• Basstronix umbrella rig paired with Reaction Innovations Skinny Dippers

• White Z-Man ChatterBait tipped with a matching Skinny Dipper with tail-dyed chartreuse.

• Berkley Havoc Beat Shad rigged on a ¼-ounce ball-head jig

• A homemade umbrella rig featuring four blades and five wires

• Bailey Rig (a five wire, five bladed umbrella rig) matched with Predator and Keitech swimbaits

• Evergreen C-4 Jig or Buzzer Beater

• Gibbs Jig in brown and green pumpkin matched with a Zoom Speed Craw

• Yum Yumbrella Flash Mob Jr. rigged with Keitech swimbaits

• Drop-shot rig with a Roboworm (ox blood color)

• Phenix vibrating jig (3/8 oz.) teamed with a Zoom Fluke and a Lucky Craft LV 500

• Mann’s Alabama Rig rigged with Berkley Hollow Belly swimbaits

• Punch skirt with 1-¼ tungsten weight (sprayed grass color) and a Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog.

• Senko with a ¼-ounce weight and Spro Phat Fly

These have all worked before and will work again. Excuse us while we go restock our tackle box.

For more ideas on what to throw, see the FLW website:

Take a look at Lake Havasu fish species at

What’s Working? Try Some Chug Bugs Why Don’t You?

One of six free fishing docks on Lake Havasu

Want to know what’s working out on the lake? Chug Bugs, white spoons, and if you can stand ‘em, anchovies.

Whenever we begin to wonder what to throw out on the lake, we turn to Chris Blythe, a 26-year resident of Lake Havasu City who has operated a guide service for the past four years. Going out with this master guide has been likened to learning from a grandpa in a young man’s body. Chris, a USCG Six-Pack (six passengers or fewer) Certified Captain and an Arizona licensed fishing guide, jokes he suffers from OCFD – “obsessive compulsive fishing disorder.”

Capt. Blythe says, “We’ve been catching a lot of fish lately – smallmouth, largemouth and stripers – by watching the birds and looking for fish boiling on the surface. The seagulls are returning and they have a bird’s eye view of the action below.

“We use Chug Bugs, and if that doesn’t work we switch to white spoons.”

Cutbait like anchovies are also working, he advises, ‘if you can stand the smell’.

“I can’t help myself sometimes – when I fish with anchovies I reach up and wipe my nose and then wind up smelling anchovies for the next two weeks. The good thing is if the fishing is slow, you can always have a little morning snack,” said Capt. Blythe,

“By mid-October through the end of February, try using a casting net to catch your own live bait. Take a look at YouTube to learn how to throw one without snagging your partner’s head,” he advises.

One other piece of advice: think about catch and release to help preserve the fishing for generations to come.

“When you land that trophy bass, give them a kiss, take a picture, and throw them overboard. Remember, fish always look bigger the closer you get to the camera. Just extend out your arms and say cheese.”

Learn more about Capt. Blythe at:

Learn more about fishing Lake Havasu at

The Ocean-Like Beaches of Lake Havasu City

We love this planet. Earth has the best beaches in the solar system. We also love Arizona, and it too has beaches that are free and open to the public. Guess where the Arizona Republic says you’ll find some of the most “ocean-like” beaches in the state?

In a story by travel writer Roger Naylor appearing in a recent issue of the Arizona Republic, he describes some of the best local shorelines to soak up some sun and sand. He considers London Bridge Beach the state’s “most ocean-like beach with its swaying palm trees and seagull wings flashing white in the sun.”

He also praises Rotary Beach’s calm no-wake zone.

You should see this story. Go ahead, we’ll wait here for you.

Zombies. Are. Coming. October 15.


If you think chasing monsters on your smartphone is a silly pastime (see previous story), then what do you think about being chased by them? We know you will have a memorable evening by dressing like the living dead, the undead, the walking dead, or an odiferous, soulless corpse and shambling down main street. But don’t worry, instead of chasing brains, Havasu zombies chase down beer!

Ok, here’s a joke:
Q. What does it take to become a zombie?
A: DEADication!

Ha, we crack ourselves up sometimes! You’ll be amused as well if you join your closest speechless, mindless best fiends for a night of horror at the free-to-attend 6th Annual Havasu Zombie Pub Crawl, October 15, along Downtown McCulloch Blvd. (Main Street).

Starting at 7 p.m., join the horde invading Downtown Havasu on the hunt for fresh brains and flesh during this bloody seven-hour pub crawl.
Zombies of all ages and stages of decay are welcome. Feel free to organize your own zombie fun with designated victims, flash mobs, sidewalk dances, or apocalypse sidewalk scenes. Are you a zombie family? Bring your zombie kids – the event is not just for old zombies.
There’s lots of cool places on McCulloch to grab a beer, food, munchies, coffee, ice cream, frozen yogurt, listen to live music, dance, or entertain onlookers with your friends. Or order some rum and brandy Zombie drinks.

Knock yourself out, but heed Surf Zombie Nate’s advice. Says the Zombie Crawl creator/promoter: “Remember, zombies that drink do not drive, otherwise they could become, er, deader. See the full list of shuttle companies and phone numbers available on the official Facebook page, updated and posted just prior to the event.”

Sound like fun? The more the zombier!

For more information view:

See Something, Say Something. Text-a-Tip.

Ok, all you McGruff’s. Listen up. The Lake Havasu Police Department wants to keep us all safe all the time. They’ve made it easy to text a tip. Anytime, anywhere.

To text a tip about anything to the Lake Havasu Police Department, use your smartphone to enter the number “274637” (which spells out the word CRIMES) in the phone number line. Then start your message with LHCPD (to ensure the tip is routed to the proper police department) and enter your tip with as much detail as possible.

Once you send your tip via text, the information is received by an independent party that will assign each tipster a random system-generated “alias.” The purpose of this is to ensure the anonymity of the tipster. Tipsters will automatically receive a response text providing them their “alias.” The LHCPD will respond if more information is needed to process the tip. The anonymity of the tipster remains secure because the information is sent to a third party service provider that is independent of the police department. The police department will only know the tipster by their “alias.” You can stop further two-way communication with the police by texting the word STOP to 274637 (CRIMES.)

Learn more about the program here:
Lake Havasu City Police Department TEXT-A-TIP

The Courses… Of Course.

Golf-Courses at London Bridge1

The Courses at London Bridge Arcis Players Club (APC) program offers anyone interested in the game of golf a chance to improve without the anxiety that goes with learning while trying to play on the course.

For $50-$60 per month for each person, you will have access to the practice facility and extras such as: a lighted driving range, range balls, unlimited visits and participation in complimentary clinics and play dates.

From December through March consider participating in the APC Scramble at 2:30 p.m. every Thursday on Nassau. Sign-ups must be completed prior to the day of the event and is limited to 40 golfers, with an additional wait list.

The $25 entry fee includes: green fee, cart, and prize fund. All teams must use at least one tee shot from each player on their team.

The Nassau course, opened for play in 1977, features narrow fairways and medium-sized greens that are fast and well bunkered. It offers many elevation changes that provide fabulous views of Lake Havasu and the surrounding city. But beware: the largest water feature on the property is at holes 9, 10, and 11.

Also, ask about this fall’s VIP Card offers. If purchased by Sept. 30, receive $20 off the already low price of $95 that includes a free round of golf by Apr. 30, 2017, a 20 to 50 percent discount off posted rack rates, unlimited play on both courses, and a $5 savings every time you play in a league. Card is valid Oct. 1, 2016 through Sept. 30, 2017.

The Courses is located at 2400 Clubhouse Dr. Learn more about the Arcis Players Club here:

Research all the courses in Lake Havasu City and the surrounding area at: