Conditions at The Courses Make Other Golf Clubs Green With Envy

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The Courses at London Bridge – the Oldé London and Nassau – are reporting the best course conditions in at least 10 years, not an easy accomplishment in a tourist destination that reaches 120 degrees in the heat of the summer. It’s not easy being green, but course maintenance is where the Courses shine. Besides, if you like golf and you like breakfast, they have “eggsactly” what you’re looking for.

The condition of fairway and greens surfaces are the ultimate measure of all great golf courses. Clubs make every effort to protect and preserve the finest playing surfaces available. The greens need to offer evenly comparable pace, smoothness, firmness and overall uniformity. General manager Paul Lepler says last summer’s commitment to improving the quality of the turf has paid off immeasurably. More efficient water pumps were installed, upgrades were completed on the irrigation system, and summer seeding has resulted in a consistency in the playing surface, from tee to green.

“We can also now roll the greens to eliminate imperfections to help the ball stay on target without any surprises,” Paul says. “Members tell us these are the best playing conditions at the Courses in 10 years.”

Paul continues, “You can’t blame the grass anymore when you putt.”

Now for a deal that’s “eggsactly” right for hungry early birds ….

In the song, We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About, Jimmy Buffett sings, “I like Cajun Martinis and playing afternoon golf.” Hmmm, that’s because he has yet to hear about the nine hole Earlybird breakfast special at The Courses. Play nine during the first hour of the day and receive a cart and a hot breakfast for only $30 on either the Nassau or Oldé London courses.

“If you can manage to get up early, we’ll feed you and send you on your way starting at 7:30 a.m., Monday through Thursday,” says Paul Lepler, general manager. “Besides, it’s the coolest part of the day and there’s less wind. The wind tends to pick up around noon and is usually at its lowest speed early in the morning, which is also why hot air balloons prefer mornings.”

Want to sleep late and skip the breakfast, ask for the Nine Hole Regular. You can play with a cart for $30 on both courses. One day advance reservation only.

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