You Scream. I Scream. We All Scream for Adult Ice Cream


When it gets a little, uh, toasty in the city, we like eating someone cold. The colder the better. In fact, something minus 320 degrees F.

One of the more unusual taste treats in Lake Havasu City is the adult ice cream served up at a bar called Lotz on the Rocks at 2144 N. McCulloch Blvd.
Located inside the Schlotzsky’s restaurant is a lounge that offers an array of non-traditional, artistic, visually gratifying cocktails using liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and molecular mixology.

When we visited mixologist Shannon McPherson was serving up an ice cream mix with three ounces of alcohol, which was then flash frozen using liquid nitrogen. It’s $10, it’s delicious and one is plenty. The addition of other items, such as peanuts, caramel, chocolate, Snickers, S’mores, and Butterfingers take it over the top.


Karaoke nights start at 7 p.m. on Thursday and Friday.

No telling when some budding Van Halen wannabe will be singing “Ice Cream Man.”

Read more about Lotz on the Rocks here:

Hangar 24 Opens at Lake Havasu Airport


We can’t allow the Laughlin/Bullhead City Airport to steal all the publicity this month in this edition of the Splash. When it comes to things aeronautical, the Lake Havasu City Municipal Airport (HII) is no slouch, especially when it comes to beer. Welcome to Hangar 24.

Nothing less than a famed B-17G “Flying Fortress” Aluminum Overcast aircraft would suffice when the popular Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, based in Redlands, Calif., decided to plan a grand opening of its new facility at the Lake Havasu Airport. The vintage aircraft was completed just after WWII and was restored by veterans. More than just an airplane, the B-17 is living history that holds a remarkable connection to the past and is the most iconic image of World War II.
Hangar 24 Craft Brewery features a taproom and grill in 3,700-square-foot location that previously housed the Blue Barron Bistro. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide open views of the airport runway and of the lake to the south. Picnic table-style seating encourages patrons to meet their fellow beer lovers.

It is the first restaurant location for the award-winning brewery that produced approximately 39,000 barrels of beer in 2015. The barrel totals put Hangar 24 Craft Brewery among the top two percent of producers in the country. Offerings, like Orange Wheat, Betty IPA, Easy Glider IPA and Iconic IPA, among others, are currently distributed in three states: California, Arizona, and Nevada.

“We have loved our newest move to the city’s airport and working with the community to organize a salute to historic aircraft, an appreciation of aviation, and highlight our award-winning craft brews,” said Ben Cook, owner and master brewer of Hangar 24 Craft Brewery. Cook, a graduate of the UC Davis Master Brewers Program and amateur pilot, started Hangar 24 Craft Brewery in 2008.

We’ll certainly drink to that.

Learn more about the brewery at:

For a list of all Lake Havasu restaurants, view:

Today’s Spring Breakers Are Tomorrow’s Residents


As spring break continues this month in full force, local residents above the age of, let’s say, 25, know it’s best to stay away from the Channel. The CVB anticipates the arrival of as many as 25,000 students from more than 40 schools throughout the U.S. Besides the shot in the arm that spring break brings to local rental services, restaurants and hotels, remember that today’s spring breakers very often turn into tomorrow’s residents.

This year a new spring break organizer is on the job. JusCollege, a Las Vegas-based company which offers travel packages, events and activities for college students, is welcoming spring breakers with open arms, as well as pool parties, sports tournaments, games, yoga and live music.

“JusCollege is a multimillion-dollar company, and year after year they’ve proven themselves. They were well received by the CVB, and we wanted to get away from the ruckus-type atmosphere,” CVB president Chip Shilosky told Today’s News-Herald.

“We want to give students an experience they can enjoy, to go home and remember, and one day come back after spring break is over,” Shilosky said.

JusCollege, which calls Lake Havasu the most popular drive-to spring break destination on the West Coast, this year also introduced the HeatWave Havasu Music Festival with world class DJs at its HQ property, the Nautical Beachfront Resort.

After hours, there’s a resident-pleasing Silent Disco for late night parties after midnight. Instead of loud speakers, dancers wear their own personal headsets.

But whatever your opinion of spring break, the city is being promoted to tens of thousands of millennials who once they marry and have families, may very well become neighbors, or buyers of your own home when you’re ready to sell.

Take Sativa Castellucci for instance, a 44-year-old married mother of two from Granada Hills, Calif., who was first introduced to the city during spring break in the mid 1990s.

As a child Sativa came to Lake Havasu with her mother and tent camped at Crazy Horse Campgrounds, learning to waterski at the age of five. As she got older, she would return for spring break with a best friend. Their favorite haunts were the bars Kokomo and Hussong’s, the Casa de Miguel Mexican restaurant, Copper Canyon for some cliff jumping, and other spring break pastimes.

“I didn’t have a boat, so I had to find guys with boats,” she laughs.

“It was pretty clean fun. It was all about meeting people. We were amazed that other students visited from all over the U.S. This was a big deal before the days of social media,” Sativa told us.

Married now for 16 years, she became a permanent resident when her husband received a job offer in the city. Sativa currently works from home running a clothing business called June Bird Designs.

“I’ve been coming to Lake Havasu my entire life. I started as a tourist and became a resident and have watched the city grow.”

“What really attracted me was the friendliness of everybody, and how the town has a strong community and everyone has a relaxed atmosphere, certainly in relation to the fast-paced California lifestyle. Besides, the weather here is great,” Sativa said.

Visit the CVB’s official Spring Break 2017 website at:

Best. Weekend. EVER.


You can expect a blog from the Convention and Visitors Bureau to gush glowingly about the sights and attractions of Lake Havasu City. But when an independent reporter weighs in with his own personal favorites, well that should really pique your interest.

When travel writer Roger Naylor, author of Boots and Burgers: An Arizona Handbook for Hungry Hikers, considered how to best enjoy a weekend in Lake Havasu City, he only had so much room in his Arizona Republic story to report on his favorites.

Given only a weekend’s time, he suggests visitors go see the replica lighthouses, take an historic walking tour, walk the two-mile Shoreline Trail, eat at the Red Onion and visit the city’s breweries, rent a kayak, canoe or SUP board, enjoy various activities in Rotary Community Park, visit the Lake Havasu Museum, fish, take a Bluewater Jet Boat Topock Gorge Tour, and more.

Whew! Forget triathlons. We’re thinking Competitive Sightseeing could be the next great sport.

Read his story here:

Saluting New Nonstop Service Between Phoenix and Laughlin/Bullhead

airplane slaute

Traveling to Lake Havasu City is now easier than ever thanks to new nonstop service from Phoenix directly to Laughlin/Bullhead City, just an hour drive from our shores. You’ll be surprised how they greeted the first flight when it arrived.

The 100 spectators at Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport went wild when the first American Airlines non-stop flight arrived from Phoenix last month. The 70-seat jet was greeted by a water cannon salute – giant sprays of water from fire trucks as it taxied to a stop. A cake and champagne celebration followed for the lucky first passengers, which is a whole lot better than a tiny bag of pretzels if you ask us.

“We have been waiting for nonstop service between Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP) and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) for a really long time and were beyond excited when it landed,” said Jeremy Keating, Airport Director.

Adds John Hastings, President of the Mohave County Airport Authority, “The arrival of American Airlines marks a new era of economic growth and enhanced quality of life for the region as a whole. Each year, more than three million people come from around the country to stay at the region’s resorts, enjoy the Colorado River, and hike through the mountains of the Mohave Desert. Now, the airport will be able to connect those visitors and local residents to the international air travel network more efficiently.”

There is one midday flight per day each way, connecting through PHX with 307 daily flights serving 81 destinations in four countries. IFP’s extra long 8,500-ft. runway means it’s easier to take off in hot weather, thus reducing delays.

“We take pride in being such a convenient small airport. You can pull up to the front door to pick someone up. We have four rental car companies inside the terminal adjacent to baggage claim, with rental cars a short walk away,” said Keating.

“What’s more, the fares are competitive compared to flying to Las Vegas and driving 2-1/2 hours to Lake Havasu, not counting the shuttle bus to the LAS McCarran Rent-A-Car Center.”

Of course airfares change, and it depends on when you go, but recently Keating looked up a fare for one woman from Lake Havasu who flies to Miami through Las Vegas. It showed she could drive to IFP, park for free, and fly to Miami through Phoenix for less.

“There have been a lot of stories like that.”

When we heard the news about the new service, they had us at “free parking.” Indeed, you can park at IFP for free for 30 days. Try to find that at the Las Vegas Airport and you’ll be out of luck.

To book tickets, log onto

Learn more about the Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport at, which believe it or not, stands for International Fun Place. Truly. You learned it here first.

See video of the arrival ceremony here:

CVB is Attracting New Events to the City


Now here’s a little known fact about special events in Lake Havasu City: the Convention and Visitors Bureau has a full-time employee named Jackie Leatherman (no relation to the multi-tool) who works non-stop attracting special events to the area.

Recently she assisted in attracting two new events that will debut in Havasu this year – the Toughman Half Triathlon series and the Armored Combat League National Championships.

Triathletes from over 35 states arrive this month to compete in one of the premier triathlon races in the nation. When the Toughman Half Arizona joins the 14th annual Havasu Triathlon on March 18, it will be one of the earliest half-distance triathlons of the triathlon season.

Later this month, the Armored Combat League will bring armored knights to Lake Havasu City for the organization’s national championships, as competitors square off with blunted axes, swords and medieval combat weaponry.

Spectators will experience an exhilarating display of skill and bravery as the fully armored combatants face off with real weapons. The event, scheduled for March 25 to 26, 2017, will determine which of the league’s competitors will travel to Denmark in May for the organization’s world finals.

As the CVB arranges events for this year, they are also exploring further possibilities ahead. Among the ideas posed are a summer lake concert series, the possible screening of movies on the lakeshore, and a proposed wakeboarding competition on Lake Havasu.

According to Jackie, the organization is already in talks to bring a new, undisclosed off-shore racing tournament to Havasu.

The CVB is not only attempting to gain new events, but is soliciting the Havasu public for fresh ideas. Jackie can also provide advice on family reunions, regattas, or club outings. She speaks to event organizers 24/7 helping them bring the most exciting, most interesting, in some cases, totally unique only-in-Lake Havasu type attractions, both large and small, to town.

“In everyone’s lives, there are different events,” Jackie told Today’s News-Herald. “Some of them stand out more than others. We’re encouraging people to call and tell us their event ideas. What would they like to see here? We’re trying to offer more events that make sense in the summer months and early fall.”

In fact, come to think of it, Leatherman has the perfect last name. She can offer a veritable tool kit of assistance to any event organizer. To paraphrase the SNL ‘Church Lady’, “Now isn’t that special?”

For details about the Havasu Triathlon and Toughman Half Arizona, log onto:

Learn about the Havasu Armed Combat League U.S. Nationals at:

New Ad Campaign Emphasizes Events and Recreation


Lake Havasu is getting the full Madison Avenue treatment for spring/summer 2017 as a series of ads launch in southern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas, as well as online.

The CVB has developed a multi-media ad campaign this spring that includes display advertising, magazine advertising, and TV commercials. The campaign will also be promoted through Facebook and Instagram. Those two services are a favorite of millennials, many of whom the CVB hopes will continue to return with their own families in years to come.

What’s more, Google AdWords will be purchased to ensure the city appears during online searches for keywords such as “fishing,” and “spring break.” Ads will also be placed on TripAdvisor which, not surprisingly, ranks visiting the London Bride as the number one thing to do in the city.

One major theme for the campaign is that fishing, boating and yes, even fun, are “always in season.” Visitors can also experience “Amazing Events Every Season,” according to another series of ads.

Most of the ad campaign will be placed on media reaching residents of Los Angeles. A Benchmark Visitor Study in 2014 indicated 33 percent of visitors come from the City of Angels, versus 18.5 percent from Phoenix and six percent from San Diego. Las Vegas ranked fourth at 4.5 percent.

In all, 377 TV spots in three regions are expected to make 20 million impressions.

“The emphasis on events as well as recreation reflects the increased role that events play in drawing visitors to the city, which increases both sales and lodging tax revenue, as well as generating more exposure throughout the U.S. and, depending on the event, parts of the world,” says Jason Castellucci, the CVB’s Director of Digital Marketing and chairman of the CVB’s Marketing Committee.

View the TV commercials here:

Lock in Your Love


Paris has grown weary of the tradition of etching a loved one’s name on a padlock and affixing it to a bridge. At one point, over 700,000 locks were attached to the popular Ponts des Arts pedestrian bridge, prompting officials to ban the practice. No so in Lake Havasu. Here hundreds are locking in their love with padlocks and combination locks affixed to the city side of the London Bridge. Grab your Kwiksets, Masters, and Medecos and join the fun.

The Paris love lock tradition has become world famous. In fact, this month Hallmark Channel will present “Love Locks,” a romantic TV movie featuring Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell, who you may (or may not) recall played “Derrick Jones” in the carnivorous and somewhat forgettable “Piranha 3D” movie filmed in Lake Havasu.

Visitors to Lake Havasu are invited to demonstrate their love by affixing their own locks to the bridge. “It’s a new tradition for a young city like Lake Havasu,” says Cal Sheehy, general manager of London Bridge Resort, which is just a few steps from the locks. “The locks started appearing on the bridge railing about four years ago and is a great way for visitors to connect with the love lock tradition. It’s on the land portion of the bridge, so there’s no weight issue as there was in Paris. I think it’s fantastic,” says Sheehy.

Jan Kassies, director of the Lake Havasu Visitors Information Center, within the shadow of the bridge, mentions the locks during his 11 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday walking history tours ($10 pp, children under 12 free).

“People say there are ghosts on the bridge, but we have no proof. These locks are proof that two people came here to demonstrate their love for each other.”

“Some locks are permanent – they use keys that are thrown away. But we do see some reusable combination locks on the bridge. I call them ‘one night stand’ locks. Maybe that kind of love isn’t so permanent, but who cares? It makes a visit to Lake Havasu even more memorable.”

For more information about the walking tours, visit:

Off-Road Map Could Save Your Life

Off road map

If you love to go off-road in Lake Havasu, here’s one item you need as much as water. The Search & Rescue Off Road Map has been a labor of love for Captain-Staff Sergeant Rudy Jehle, a local business owner who has dedicated the past decades helping off-roaders enjoy the backcountry. He is the longest-serving member of SAR, serving in the unit since 1973.

Now in its sixth edition, the map benefits the Lake Havasu City Search & Rescue Sheriff’s Posse, Inc. – volunteers who dedicate their time 24 hours day and night.

Jehle, honorary captain of Mohave County SAR, has personally visited over 224 GPS waypoints in the county to ensure the accuracy of the map, often in his own 2006 800 Can-Am ATV or restored 1977 Chevrolet K5 Blazer.

The map, which also includes a small section of San Bernadino County, provides helpful tips on surviving your next trip to the desert. In trouble? “Raise the hood. This is a universal distress signal,” Jehle writes.

Another factoid: “Drink if you are thirsty. Your body is a canteen and will store water. Avoid eating if possible. The digestion process uses valuable water and can cause dehydration. You can survive for several days without eating but only a few days without water.”

You can buy a copy around town for a $2 donation. Look for the map boxes at participating retailers. Or buy one at the Lake Havasu Visitors Information Center.

Learn more about off-roading in Lake Havasu at:

Now Time for Something Really Special

This is the time of year when Lake Havasu City literally has something going on every weekend, and a lot of it centers around our namesake lake. So no matter your marine interests – in fact, whatever floats your boat, you’ll find a great upcoming event in March and April which are some of our busiest months of the year. Grab that PFD and head out (just make sure it’s a PFD – PDFs don’t float very well).

26th Annual Lake Havasu Boat Show, Apr. 7 to 9


Elsewhere in this issue we told you how to receive free tickets to the 2017 Lake Havasu Boat Show. If you like things that float and go fast, or even if you like to relax on the water at a leisurely pace, the 2017 Boat Show is not to be missed.

Now a well established Havasu tradition, this is the largest consumer boat show in Arizona and Nevada attracting over 9,000 and more than 120 exhibitor/vendors exhibiting more than $25 million in boats, trailers and marine accessories. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the latest from Advantage, Caliber 1, Cobra, Conquest, DCB, Domn8er, Eliminator, Hallett, Howard, Interceptor, Nordic, Shockwave, Ultra, and more. Boat Show title sponsors are JetRenu and Mohave State Bank.

Also featured: an on-site demo dock with a wide variety of boats available for test rides. There’s no better way to learn what recreational boating is all about than to be on-the-water and experience it first-hand.

The Boat Show will also play host to the 5th Annual Lake Havasu Regional Chili and Salsa Cook-off, and the 4th Annual Jettribe Lake Havasu Open of Watercross / Gary Hart Memorial races (see related story). Primary sponsor of the Cook-Off is Havasu Regional Medical Center.

There will be food courts and beer gardens on-site. Pet lovers can bring their sea dogs so long as they’re leashed. After all, as they saying goes, every dog has its day, right?

Read more here:

Jettribe Lake Havasu Open of Watercross / Gary Hart Memorial, April 7 to 9, 2017

They remind us of angry bees buzzing around a nest. But to personal watercraft fans,
the 4th Annual Jettribe Lake Havasu Open of Watercross / Gary Hart Memorial, an IJSBA-sanctioned event, is the wildest show on the water. Held in conjunction with the Lake Havasu Boat Show, the action features some of the best PWC racers from the Western U.S. and Canada. This is the second stop on the 2017 Jettribe West Coast Series and everybody is hungry for points and podium finishes.

Fans will be treated to two days of closed course (short track) racing on a tight multi-turn race course. Sixteen-plus classes of PWCs will be featured including the Pro Ski GP, Pro Runabouts, Vintage classes, and up and coming stars of the sport in the Junior classes. Great weather and a great location, combined with a concentrated pool of talented racers, make Lake Havasu a prime spot to hold this high caliber event.

The action starts both days at 9 a.m. with a tight, twisting Watercross course right in front of Windsor 4 Beach for maximum spectator viewing.

The Gary Hart Memorial race is named for the legendary former owner of Jettrim of Lake Havasu, and avid PWC racer and supporter. Gary would be proud of this one.

Learn more at

Lake Havasu Hosts U.S. PWC Freestyle Championship, Apr. 29


Personal watercraft (PWC) are like the Swiss Army knives of the marine world.
Lifeguards use PWCs equipped with rescue platforms; rescuers use them to pick up flood survivors; PWCs are used for law enforcement; even the U.S. Navy uses these speedy little craft for target practice. But it’s when PWC are used in racing ….. now that sets our heart aflutter. Just don’t call them Jet Skis. READ MORE

You see, Jet Ski, like WaveRunner or Sea-Doo, are brand names. Jet Ski, in particular, a registered trademark of Kawasaki, has become a generic term for the sport, just as Kleenex, also a brand name, is generic for facial tissue. The correct terms is personal watercraft.

But whatever you call them, PWC Freestyle is the one of the fastest growing adrenaline watersports since the invention of the personal watercraft. The U.S. PWC Freestyle Championship is the tour that separates freestyle competition from high-speed racing on personal watercraft.

Spectators are welcome as riders perform in two-minute routines. Best Trick riders have two attempts to perform their trick. Each competitor is judged on variety, difficulty, execution, flow and number of tricks by a selected panel of judges.

It’s not uncommon to see unbelievable aerial maneuvers, back flips, barrel rolls and submarines all happening just offshore in front of Tinnell Skate Park, Rotary Community Park.

Learn more at