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Lake Havasu City, AZ Visitor Center

Your guests will likely want a souvenir of their stay. In that case, we have you covered. The Visitor Center, conveniently located in the English Village off London Bridge Road near the London Bridge, has a wide variety of Lake Havasu City-themed items including paperweights, magnets, hats, decals, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, and shot glasses.

Our favorite is a sand globe with a skeleton inside. The inscription reads, “It’s a Dry Heat.” (Ha, ha. Very funny. Let’s see if they laugh that hard in the summer when it’s 120 degrees and you can bake cookies on your car dashboard).

Items are also available by visiting the Lake Havasu City CVB online store.

New High Tech Sentry Guards London Bridge

London Bridge

It’s easy to imagine military sentries manning their post on the London Bridge during World War II. In fact, take the London Bridge Walking Tour from the Visitor Center and they’ll show you graffiti from that era. Now there’s a new high tech sentry in town that tirelessly watches over our city’s iconic symbol.

The Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitors Bureau has installed a webcam on Bridgewater Channel that operates 24/7 as it live-streams Havasu’s most popular tourist attractions to viewers around the globe.

“Webcams in public tourist attractions are the rule, not the exception,” said Doug Traub, president/CEO of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, tells Today’s News-Herald. “It’s a great way to offer a fresh product, live to the world. If people want to know what Lake Havasu looks like right now, they can log on and see.”

But don’t expect to watch your friends on it. The shot is wide enough to capture the bridge as well as the channel, but far off enough as to make facial recognition almost impossible.

For another view of the city, go to the Campbell Cove RV Resort web site, among the first in Lake Havasu to broadcast a live video stream, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the public’s viewing pleasure. It’s mounted to the roof of the Campbell Cove RV Resort office building and points west toward California. If it’s daytime you can gaze upon a small part of the 180 degree panoramic view of Lake Havasu and the California mountains across the lake. The scene from your laptop is just one-fifth of the view that Campbell Cove RV Resort visitors are exposed to.

Lake Havasu City Named Best AZ Winter Destination

Northern Flicker Lake Havasu AZ

Photo courtesy of John West

While we like to refer to our visitors as “guests”, “friends,” or over the holidays, “Uncle Charlie and Aunt Ethel,” it’s common to call those from colder climates, “snowbirds.” But call them what you will, one travel website says Lake Havasu is the best winter season roost in Arizona. We even have a Snowbird Lane. There it sits, just off Palo Verde Blvd.

Vacation rental website, which analyzes industry trends, recently released its findings naming Lake Havasu City as Arizona’s most popular destination among vacationers from colder climates. is a search engine for vacation rentals, with more than five million rental listings in 100,000 destinations, and more than two million visitors to their website per month. So they know a thing or two about travel trends.

For those ages 65-plus who visit Arizona, Lake Havasu City is the most attractive of the state’s destinations, according to the vacation rental website.

Crazy Horse Campgrounds, on the Island, hosts many of Lake Havasu City’s winter visitors every year. Office Manager Jackie Boger says that the campgrounds’ rental space sells out annually, between October and April.

“They come back year after year,” Boger told Today’s News-Herald. “I’d say that during the winter months, 60 percent of the park’s residents are snowbirds. They’re pretty easygoing – they have their own little groups, and all kinds of events. For the older generation, they stay very busy.”

Two visitors from Iowa tell the local newspaper, “Havasu has great weather, and it’s big enough to feel like a suburb,” Bobbie said. “There’s always something to do here, and there’s sunshine every single day.”

Obviously, birds of a feather like to flock together along Arizona’s west coast.

They’ll Be Beating Down Your Doors After They See This

Lake Havasu City as featured on Waterfront House Hunting

Consider yourself warned. If you show your out-of-town friends and families this 22-minute video (one of several great videos featuring Lake Havasu City), they’ll likely be beating down your doors to visit.

Andy Warhol predicted that in the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes. Well, in the case of Lake Havasu City, the area is receiving a full 22 minutes of fame thanks to this special feature on Arizona’s Cox 7.

The host of Arizona Weekend Explorer, J.R. Cardenas, says Lake Havasu City is “where fun is always in season … Where canyons and rugged mountains meet beaches and tranquil waters and where something happens every day of the year.”

J.R. explores what makes this desert paradise so unique, from its 26 lighthouse replicas to the shops, restaurants, and various sports activities that millions enjoy each year.

There’s Jan Kassies, director of the Lake Havasu Visitor Center, explaining that the London Bridge lampposts were made from Napoleon’s cannons. He also points out WWII graffiti under one of the bridge abutments. Go Jan!

Share this link with your potential holiday guests. But better stock up on egg nog – they’ll likely take you up on your offer to visit.

Hava Happy Holiday With These Savings

Lake Havasu City Holiday Lodging Promo

Dreading sharing a bathroom with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Ethel? Do you really want to hide your favorite snacks when guests visit? Then you’ll certainly “hava” happy holiday season if you take advantage of the Friends & Family Hava Happy Holiday Reward Program. Your guests can stay free for one out of three nights at participating Lake Havasu City hotels and vacation rentals when they make reservations using the special promo code.

Visit the Hava Happy Holiday webpage and simply complete the form to get a special promotion code to share with your friends and family. They will receive a free Gold Key Discount card and booklet good for discounts at hotels, restaurants and special local activities. What’s more, it includes two complimentary walking tours of the historic London Bridge. You will also receive a free Gold Key Discount card and booklet for yourself.

Now for the small print:

Stay two nights and get the third night free at participating lodging partners. Offer good from November 1-December 30, 2015. Blackout dates are November 25-28, 2015 (Thanksgiving weekend) and December 4-5, 2015.

By completing the online form, you will receive a promo code to share with a friend or family member which entitles them to two Gold Key Discount Cards with booklets and two complimentary walking tours of the London Bridge each, plus a Gold Key Discount booklet for yourself. You will also receive periodic resident newsletters from The Lake Havasu City Convention & Visitors Bureau. If you’ve read this far, we hope you’ll also go into mommy’s wallet and send your favorite newsletter writer those pieces of paper with Abraham Lincoln’s picture on it. Ok, just kidding.

See the 6th Annual Balloonfest on Jan. 15 to 17, 2016

Havasu Balloon Festival & Fair Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Ok, here’s a quiz. What do Yoda, Smokey Bear, Hello Kitty, and the Cheshire Cat all have in common? Don’t strain your brain cells on this one. You’ll never guess. They’re all specially-shaped balloons that are expected to join dozens of round balloons and two corporate balloons coming to Lake Havasu City’s 6th Annual Balloonfest on Jan. 15-17. Get some extra digital memory cards. This is going to be big.

The average balloon can hold 90,000 basketballs, but special shapes can hold as much as 150,000 basketballs, making them the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the balloon world. Or better yet, the Shaquille O’Neal of balloonfests.

The Lake Havasu Balloonfest debuted in 2011 and has grown every year since. The number of balloons grew from 20 the first year to 78 last year. Balloon pilots come to Lake Havasu City’s Balloonfest from all over the U.S., as well as from Canada, Germany, Australia, Belgium and other countries.

There were about 10,000 visitors in 2011, and 24,000 in 2015. In 2016, the Balloonfest committee hopes to see as many as 30,000 to 60,000 visitors.

New for the 2016 Balloonfest, based at the Nautical Beachfront Resort on the Island, will be a Fun Color Run that will begin at the London Bridge and end on the balloon field.

The three-day event includes tethered and untethered balloon rides (weather permitting), night glows, skydiving and air shows, a car show, carnival and concessions.

For more information, check the Lake Havasu City CVB event calendar.

Upgrades to Historic London Bridge Golf Club

arizona golf vacations in lake havasu city

Back in the early days of Lake Havasu City, city founder Robert P. McCulloch, Sr., realized relocating an iconic bridge across the ocean wasn’t enough to keep visitors in town for very long. He understood the value of golf, which was undergoing a boom at the time – Arnold Palmer had recently won his fourth Masters, and color television was broadcasting the beauty of the sport.

Now here’s something to look “fore-ward” to: the historic Courses at London Bridge Golf Club is nearing completion of a significant improvement project to both golf courses, as well as the clubhouse.

Scheduled to be unveiled in late November, the $200,000 upgrade includes a thorough reconditioning of both the Oldé London Course, the first golf course to be built in Lake Havasu City, and the Nassau Course.

Improving the turf from tee to green and refurbishing bunkers, as well as expanding irrigation and extensive tree maintenance, will combine to provide golfers with quality playing conditions.

“Big improvements have been made to the golf courses, but we’re still focused on all the little things that add to the playing experience,” said Greg Kinney, regional manager for Arcis Golf, which owns and operates The Courses. “We’re bringing in new bag stands, yardage signs, better mats for the driving range and even nicer trash cans,” Kinney said. “Everything we do is designed to enhance every golfer’s experience.”

Implementing “best practice” agronomic techniques and new maintenance equipment – including greens rollers, utility vehicles, sprayers and aerifiers – ensures the transformation of the golf courses will be sustained, Kinney noted. Also, the clubhouse is being refreshed with furnishings along with an improved patio area.

Golfers have enjoyed London Bridge Golf Club since the 1960s. The Oldé London course brought golf to Lake Havasu City for the first time in 1967, with the original nine holes; they were followed by a second nine in 1969. The Nassau Course opened for play in 1977, adding a layout that provides fabulous views of Lake Havasu and the surrounding city.

“We are excited to begin a new chapter in the legacy of London Bridge Golf Club,” Kinney said. “It is an important part of Lake Havasu City history. This is a great opportunity to restore the luster to both the Oldé London course and Nassau course, and to be able to offer golfers a fresh new product.”

As always, The Courses at the London Bridge Golf Club, located in the 2400 block of Lake Havasu Avenue, are open to the public.

For more information about the courses and golfing in Lake Havasu City, visit the golf section of our website at

London Bridge Renaissance Faire, Jan. 1-3, 2016

The London Bridge Renaissance faire in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Thanks to some enterprising students at ASU, the city will host the London Bridge Renaissance Faire, featuring costumed performers roaming Lake Havasu State Park from January 1 to 3, 2016.

Stage and street performers in period costumes bring medieval history to life in a fun and dramatic way, but without all that nasty business about the Black Death.,br>
At the London Bridge Renaissance Faire, you’ll also find a marketplace with arts and crafts, delicious food and drink (including a Troll Under the Bridge Tavern), artisan demonstrations, games, free activities for all, hair braiding, massages, photos, and lots of music and dancing.

The London Bridge Renaissance Faire will also feature the New Year’s Eve Renaissance Royal Ball, tea with the royal court, you can eat breakfast with Sir Francis Drake at the Royal Victory on Jan. 3, and much, much more.

The full list of entertainment options, dates and other details are available on the Lake Havasu City CVB website.

Party Among the Trees, Dec. 9

The Lake Havasu Museum of History is hosting a Christmas Tree Festival from Nov. 24 to Dec. 31, with a planned Party Among the Trees on Wednesday, Dec. 9 from 4 to 6 p.m.

“During the holiday season, a stop at the Lake Havasu Museum of History sets the mood for all the festivities happening in the city between November and January. The special exhibit features decorated Christmas trees, carolers, Santa and more, to help set the tone,” said museum executive director Becky Maxedon.

Permanent exhibits at the museum include the history of the Native American Chemehuevi and Mohave tribes, the role of the lower Colorado River and the steamboat era in bringing traders, miners and entrepreneurs to the area, and the building of Parker Dam in 1938 and the formation of Lake Havasu. Another exhibit focuses on the relocation of the London Bridge from the chill and fog of its former home to sunny Arizona. There are also rotating displays by local artists, monthly presentations, and a rich schedule of live presentations by local experts.

Admission to the museum is $5, children 12 and under are free with paid adult. For more information about the Party Among the Trees, visit the event section of the Lake Havasu City CVB website.

Tuba Man Invites You to the Christmas Tuba Concert, Dec. 5


Doug Los, 73, is into tubas, to say the least. Calling himself Tuba Man, he’s played for 59 years, owns three tubas, one sousaphone and a euphonium, and plays up to five times a week. If you think a little bit of tuba goes a long way, he begs to differ.

Hard to believe, but the 13th annual Christmas Tuba Concert in Lake Havasu City draws more people than a Christmas Eve service. On Dec. 5, Doug and his fellow tubists (yes, that’s a real word), will play Christmas carols and such hits as “Frosty the Snowman,” all with tubas.

We were amazed to learn that upwards of 220 people show up for the Christmas Tuba Concert. Obviously, Doug isn’t just blowing a lot of hot air: “We have to bring out the extra folding chairs for this one,” he tells us.

The free concert is at 6 p.m. at Community Presbyterian Church, 3450 Chemehuevi Blvd., where Doug is a deacon. Additional concert details are available at the event calendar.