Long-time Lake Havasu City Resident is Interim Boss of CVB

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Born in Cambridge, Mass., Chip graduated from Lake Havasu City High School and along with his father and brothers, helped run the family karate studio, known in the city for 25 years as the House of Samurai.

Interested in public service, he gained certifications in firefighting, law enforcement, and public administration, which led to a 35-year career in the Lake Havasu City Fire Department, where he retired in April 2015 having achieved the rank of fire marshal/division chief. During this period he was president of the Arizona International Association of Arson Investigators and was honored as its Member of the Year.

In his spare time, Chip gave of himself selflessly, serving as president of the local school board, chairman of the Parks & Recreation advisory board, assisted in establishing the high school swim team, and currently works safety and rescue for the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series.

Meanwhile, he’s steering the CVB, helping it maintain a high level of service both to the local community as well as the tens of thousands of visitors who come to town each year. He serves on the search committee for the new CVB president, a position he hopes will be filled by early fall 2016.

“It’s important that our excellent staff continue its work to make this area the premier golf, fishing and boating destination in the southwest,” he says. “The new president of the CVB will be able to hit the ground running with a well-tuned marketing machine at his disposal.”

He and his wife Cathy, a retired real estate agent, will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this fall. After his service with the CVB, they’ll spend more time together boating, camping, cruising, and enjoying the company of their two grown daughters and one granddaughter, who he tells us is a “chip” off the old block.

It’s in the Bag


Maybe you’ve seen the garbage posts around the lake. Each year for the past seven years 150,000 bags are distributed free for people to use in properly disposing their trash. Each bag can hold up to three pounds of your used ring tops, cigarette butts, sandwich wrappers and whatever else you don’t need anymore.

“Prior to the trash bag program, there were 50-gallon barrels. When they weren’t maintained properly, garbage would pile up. Now we ask that boaters take some responsibility for their own trash,” says Jim Salscheider, president of the LHMA.

“Boaters are cleaner than ever. Studies show that 95 percent of people who pull up to a clean beach will haul their trash out and leave it clean again,” he says, “The support of the boating community has been terrific, much better than those who drive their own cars to beaches, but we’re working on them as well.”

The program is funded by sponsors who use the bags as a mini billboard. They think you may be more inclined to buy Budweiser, for instance, or visit the Havasu Landing Resort and Casino, if you see how committed they are to helping boaters keep the area clean.

For a list of the lake’s best boat-in beaches log onto:


Make it a Safe Fourth of July

Fierworks over Lake Havasu, AZ

  • Safe Places to View the Fireworks

Hooray for a long holiday weekend as July 4th falls on a Monday this year, leaving you a full 3-day weekend of fun in Lake Havasu. Start time for fireworks over Thompson Bay is approximately 9 p.m.

Best viewing locations are:

Rotary Park (plenty of free parking, straight view of the fireworks, coolers allowed, no alcohol or pets permitted)

The Nautical Beachfront Resort (on the island, plenty of free parking, coolers and outside alcohol not permitted) The Resort is also offering a special deal that evening starting at 7 p.m. and continuing through 11 p.m. The Concert, Fireworks and Dinner Package includes VIP Lawn Seating and a BBQ picnic meal for $59 adults and $35 for children 12 and under (walk-ins welcome). To reserve space call the front desk at 928-855-2141.

London Bridge Beach (on the island, free parking, coolers allowed)

Thompson Bay (via boat*, please anchor both bow and stern due to winds and current, anchor early as Thompson Bay fills up)

Fireworks will be set off directly across the bay from Lookout Point on Spectator Point (at The Nautical Beachfront Resort).

Tune in to KNTR 980AM for a live simulcast with music set specifically to the fireworks display.

Please leave pets at home. They can’t really hold sparklers in their teeth, so they are going to feel left out anyway.

Remember that significant delays may occur at the boat ramps for retrieval after the fireworks show has ended. Plan accordingly.

All watercraft must have proper lights at night. Please use caution when going through the Bridgewater Channel in the dark.

For more information and a handy map of all locations within sight of the festivities, log onto:



Desert Storm Shootout on Lake Havasu

  • “Slow Down, You Move Too Fast …”

To borrow from Simon & Garfunkel:You Got to Make the Morning Last

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is monitoring the small no-wake section of the river around and under the I-40 Bridge at the north end of the Havasu Refuge this summer.

That means keep an eye out for No-Wake Zones where speed must be below 5 mph and not produce a visible wake.

Children, water skiers or anyone using a PWC must wear a properly fitting PFD.

The police will be diligent about checking for Operating Under Influence (OUI) violations. If you must drink, consider a Designated Captain available through the Lake Havasu Marine Association:


While we’re at it, remember that glass bottles are not allowed in prohibited areas, and there is no bow or transom riding allowed, and for good reason. Bow-riding involves sitting on or near the front of a boat, a position that leaves a person in danger of falling and being struck by the vessel’s bottom and propeller.

You won’t be “feelin’ groovy” if that happens.



Check Both Sides of Buoys

In case you weren’t aware (and very few are since there was no prior notification), there are new buoys around the sandbar area in the Havasu Refuge. These buoys were dropped by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife a few days prior to Desert Storm. On one side of the buoys (the side facing/visible to normal boat traffic) the buoys indicate “closed area – do not enter,” but on the other side (not visible to passing boaters) the buoys read: “Memorial Day weekend, July 3-5 and Labor Day.” So, in reality, it’s a “closed area” only about nine days out of the year.

The holiday closures at the Sandbar were implemented years ago because emergency responders could not access the area. The Sandbar remains open except for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends. The only change is that buoys with the closure dates are now in place year-round.

The buoys aren’t on swivels, so they face the same direction all the time. The reason for the fixed position is that maintenance crews were wasting six days a year dropping off and collecting buoys after each of the three holiday weekends. Since this is the only place these buoys are used, permanent buoys are more cost effective, the USFW tells us.

So buoys and girls, check the back of these navigation aids. Beyond the busy holidays, the marked areas are usually open.

Just Saying: Boating Relieves Stress


Boating near the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

With Americans working longer hours, the need to take vacation time is greater than ever. Four in 10 Americans are not using all their paid time off (PTO), according to Project: Time Off’s 2015 research by GFK Public Affairs.

One easy solution? Get out on the water and go boating. It not only benefits overall well-being, it’s also more accessible than many think. In fact, millions of Americans go boating each year on more than 15 million boats in the U.S., according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

“Today’s technology can make it difficult to fully disconnect and relax, which is why boating offers a unique solution,” says Carl Blackwell, president of Discover Boating. “Surrounded by water, fresh air and your favorite people makes a boat one of the rare places where you can focus on each other, forget about daily distractions and enjoy the outdoors.”

Lucky for you, we spend a lot of time at GoLakeHavasu.com dreaming up ways for you to have fun on the water.

Where to start? Marinas and launch ramps are listed here:


For boat-in beaches, see:


Hungry? Want to learn more about boat-in dining? See:


Want to camp by boat? We’ve got you covered right here:


Want to boat, but find yourself landlocked? Here are some people willing to help you out:


You spend plenty of time on land. You live life on water.

Let’s be Careful Out There

HavasuSafety.com, a new website created by Joel Silverstein, owner of Scuba Training and Technology Inc., is a Senior Capstone project Joel created while finishing his communications degree at The ASU Colleges of Lake Havasu. Joel was a non-traditional student who went back to college at the age of 55 and took advantage of a university in his own backyard. He recently graduated with honors. His Havasusafety.com provides access to safety information in a friendly and easy to navigate manner.

“Both visitors and locals alike are extremely active,” he tells us. “We participate in almost every outdoor activity imaginable. From a picnic on a hiking trail to boating, off-roading, skydiving and scuba diving. On rare occasions, however, things can go awry.”

HavasuSafety.com is the result of extensive research of safety information and services available in Lake Havasu City, available on an easy-to-access multi-platform interactive website,” Joel says.

There are links to medical, diving, and towing services; tips on safety in the hot weather, in the channel, hiking, and off-roading; and advice on avoiding excess sun exposure.

With the lake, boating, and watersports being a prime activity for more than 50% of the visitors, safety on the water is paramount. That’s one reason the site consulted with over two dozen organizations involved with the lake, including AZ Game and Fish Department, Lake Havasu City Fire Department, Lake Havasu Marine Association, Lake Havasu City Police Department, U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

HavasuSafety.com, which will be updated on a regular basis to keep information fresh and relevant, provides access to information in a friendly and non-threatening manner. The website includes information that enhances safety and assists people better in the event of an emergency or another challenge.

It’s fun playing in Lake Havasu City so long as you know where to get help should you need it. As they say, “better be safe than sorry.”

See the new website at: www.havasusafety.com

Lake Havasu City Makes News

KABC’s Eye on LA showed us some loving in early May with a feature segment on the region, saying of the lake, “It’s a short trip to long summer days powered by pure adrenaline and H2O.”

Look closely and you’ll see Tony Beck of River Cyclery & Sport, Jeff Prieur from Champion Boat & Jet Ski, Maryann Abdon of Western Arizona Canoe & Kayak Outfitters, Dallas Finch of Cabana Boat, and Kenny Samp of Sunset Charter & Tour Co.

Scroll down to May 11 to see the story at:


Meanwhile, over at KMIR, the NBC affiliate in Palm Desert, Calif., Vince Marino had a blast in town, telling viewers, “One of the perks of living in the desert is the proximity to world class vacation destinations and there is no better example of that than Lake Havasu City. The drive is a breeze and although the desert landscape is barren, the open road is half the fun. In fact, the hardest part of visiting Lake Havasu is deciding how you’ll spend your time here.”

Marino made stops at Makai Café, Shugrue’s, Whett Rods, London Bridge Resort, and Nautical Beachfront Resort.  It all looks so good, it made us want to visit Lake Havasu City ourselves, except, duh! We already live here, lucky us.

Watch the coverage at:


What’s it Take to be the Best?


They call it the Five Pillars of Change, a road map to economic success created by Lake Havasu citizens, who will join other residents in guiding its path to success. The 11-Month Implementation Plan & Budget provides details on those actions from the Vision

20/20 Lake Havasu City Revitalization Plan that will be implemented through spring 2017. Each of the eight finalists received a $100,000 prize grant from competition sponsors Frontier Communications, DISH Network, CoBank and The Weather Channel.

Briefly, the Five Pillars identified by Vision 20/20 are: Economic Development and Job Creation, Education and Talent Supply, Tourism and Place Development, Water, and Community Engagement.

The funding will be earmarked for programs that include establishing a Virtual Entrepreneur Center; assisting businesses in Lake Havasu City with education, training and apprenticeships; creating a culture of Hospitality Excellence; and funding and implementation of a water research and environmental science center. Plans also include the Downtown catalyst project and expanding the current ASU Entrepreneur Outreach Network (Start Up School) whose services call for a mentor network for the business community.

“The judges want to see how well we initiate these programs with $100,000 in seed money before they select the $3 million top prize winner,” says James Gray, director of Lake Havasu City’s Partnership for Economic Development. “We need to show we can get maximum bang for the bucks they’ve already granted.”

Gray continues, “There was existing planning underway focused on the city’s future, but the ABC competition really supercharged our efforts to think long and hard about what would make Lake Havasu City an even better place to live in the future.

“Honestly, from where we were to where we are now, we’ve already won.”

Learn more about Vision 20/20 here: http://havasuvision2020.com

Learn more about the competition here: www.americasbestcommunities.com

To see Lake Havasu City’s promotional video, log onto:


New Havasu Movie is a Matter of Taste



Jeff Janke and his wife Amber, owners of Jeff + Amber Destination Wedding Photographers, have poured family money into a $250,000 road trip film. The journey is sort of a rite of passage for its characters. It speaks to a younger demographic – young adults who find our shores a great destination for spring break. But the film isn’t everyone’s cup of tea by any means. In the tradition of American Pie and Animal House, it deals with scenes you may not want to watch while sitting next to your parents. Or your children for that matter.

Still, Highway to Havasu is, to use a play on words, “exposing” the beauty of this city to thousands of potential new visitors thanks to a national 30 to 40 city tour including Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix. It co-stars Caleb Thomas who has guest starred in Modern Family, appeared on the Dr. Phil Show for his film work with the FBI Child ID app, and is the lead in Nickelodeon’s brand-new three-part original TV movie, Lost In The West. Thomas shares the spotlight with Andrew Fromer, guest star on Anger Management and The Nick Cannon Show, and Ben Edlin who co-produced, wrote and stared in the film, The Union.

The thing to remember is Highway to Havasu is not a promotional video by the Convention and Visitors Bureau. It’s not a commercial for the city. It was produced to sell tickets and includes scenes similar to what you might see in R-rated films. As such it resonates with a younger audience. Apparently, plenty of people not connected to the city like it: the film won two awards last February at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, including “Best Comedy Film” and the festival’s “People’s Choice Award” for feature films.

The film is certainly not for everyone. We also hasten to add, it’s entirely make-believe and has about as much to do with reality as a film about a lake full of piranhas.

“We love living in Lake Havasu City and wanted to share its beauty with a new audience of potential future visitors,” said Jeff Janke who is seeking an official R rating. “That’s why we chose to shoot it in Rotary Park, The Nautical Beachfront Resort, the channel, out on the lake – the characters are seen camping, off-roading, and riding personal watercraft. These are activities that drew my wife and I here in the first place.”

Janke continues, “We’re poking fun at an immature young persons’ lifestyle that most of us north of age 35 have since outgrown.”

“At theater showings outside of Lake Havasu, people have been telling me it reminded them of their own spring break experiences. They tell me their favorite Lake Havasu stories. These are people who first came to the city as young adults and later returned with their own families,” Janke says.

“Its story may be fiction, but the beauty of the lake is a real as anything.”

See the list of coming showings here:


“Hav’ing a Ball at Bridgewater Links

Bridgewater Links

The Bridgewater Links Golf Course at the London Bridge Resort is a 9 hole, 1,769 yard executive length course. Ideal for beginning players, the course is also challenging enough for veteran golfers.

Recently the pro shop was renovated with new carpeting, tables and bar stools. Out went the old tube television and in came two flatscreens for non-stop viewing of The Golf Channel. There is a full rack of tees (yes, a full rack) from H2 Golf; for refreshment there’s Bud, Bud Lite and Michelob Ultra on tap; and plenty of snacks.

Just make sure you don’t mistake the bowl of golf balls for chocolates. “You don’t eat them, you play them,” pro shop manager Darlene Craig tells us.

These are silver, green, pink, blue and gold Chromax balls, a huge favorite at Bridgewater, especially among women players.

Chromax high visibility, reflective colored golf balls, which sell for $4.50 each, are found on the U.S.G.A. and R&A Conforming Golf Ball List. The durable reflective coating gives golfers a competitive tracking advantage, reduces lost balls and minimizes strokes for a better score.

The patented, unique inter-illumination, between a reflective inner layer and a translucent outer layer, makes the golf ball appear larger and brighter. Losing less golf balls lowers your score and keeps more golf balls in your bag. If a provisional is required, you have another color to shoot, so when your golf balls are found, you know which ball was your first shot. Practicing different strokes or techniques on the putting or chipping green? You have different colors for testing your effectiveness.


While golf purists might shudder, most of us will have a ball using them.

Learn more about the Bridgewater here:


The More You Play, the More You Save

Island Golf Club at the Nautical Beachfront Resort


Become a PlayAround pass holder and you will enjoy golf on some of our area’s premier courses, while enjoying an incredible value. For one low price, you can play as much as you’d like at these participating courses: Emerald Canyon in Parker, Huukan in Fort Mohave, and Bridgewater Links here in town.

That’s unlimited golf with a cart at three unique courses, with up to seven-day advance tee times. From May through September, it all costs as low as $295 for one month, two months for $550, and three months for $775, according to Buck Reynolds of PlayAround.

Let’s see, based upon our rudimentary grasp of sixth grade math, if we played every day for two months, that’s 60 days into $550 = $9 per day for a round of golf. As they say, it sure beats working for a living.

Lloyd and Nancy Williams, repeat winter visitors to Lake Havasu from Ontario, love the money they save.

“We saved a significant amount of money on golf last season vs. paying per round. In fact, we kept track. Compared to what we would have paid without the membership, we essentially played the last few weeks of our membership for free,” Lloyd says.

“The PlayAround Pass also makes for convenient budgeting. We know exactly what we are going to spend on golf for our entire stay. No surprises, and no checking rates.”

Purchase your PlayAround seasonal pass at: http://playaroundaz.com. Or visit the sales office below the London Bridge at Havasu Gear.

Research all the golf courses in the area at: