Get Into the Swim, Aug. 6

Aquatic_ CenterTrip Advisor calls it one of the top 12 attractions in the city. It’s an indoor waterpark that will be free for families on August 6.

When something is free, well that gets our attention. On Saturday, August 6, families will have free access to the Aquatic Center in the C.V. Wood Community Center located at 100 Park Avenue. Lifeguard-patrolled and temperature-regulated, the Aquatic Center is the perfect change of pace from the lake. Most indoor waterparks offer a mix of waterslides and kiddie pools. The Aquatic Center has an indoor waterslide, a wave pool, kiddie pool, and outdoor splash area. Older kids and adults have two heated pools and a lap pool to enjoy.

On August 6, Havasu Health Walk Challenge is sponsoring a Free Family Swim day at the Lake Havasu Aquatic Center. Families are welcome to come enjoy a day of swimming and playing at the Aquatic Center.

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LHC Keeps Getting Better: Five New Projects in the Works

SARA Park soft ball field 3

The Lake Havasu City Council adopted a plan for a 10-year Community Investment Project earmarks $123 million in improvements to facilities and recreation. The first year of the plan began this summer when a budgeted $29 million will be available for dozens of projects. As a result, Lake Havasu City will become even more attractive to even more special events, including perhaps your own family reunions. Thanks to planned improvements to local recreational facilities, future visitors to the city will find even more to do. Here are the deets:

Ballfields – The city has approved up to $2 million in next year’s budget for soccer fields at Cypress-Daytona Park, additional lighting at school ballfields, and SARA Park flex fields to address some immediate field shortages. That money also includes plans for a sports complex at SARA Park. “Once there are enough ballfields for locals, we’ll begin to attract national ball competitions,” predicts Kathy Silverthorn, director of event recruitment for the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Adds Greg Froslie, Community Investment Director, “At the urging of the CVB we conducted an athletic field study that identified the need for more ballfields to improve the recreation opportunities for local residents, and attract tournaments that will ultimately help the local economy.”

The flex fields will allow multiple uses, switching from baseball to softball, from adult to youth competitions, as required. Improvements include enhancements to parking lots, food concessions and lighting.

Pickleball –  “Two years ago we never heard the term ‘pickleball.’ Now we talk about it every week,” said Froslie who is working with local pickleball players to build four pickleball courts at Dick Samp Park on the north side by this January. Courts will eventually grow to 16 – the minimum required for regional and national tournaments.

Aquatic Center – Sometimes when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees F., it’s fun to cool off inside. A two-year, $2.5 million Aquatic Center rehabilitation is in store. The first project will be replacing the slide, which is in need of repair.  “It’s the most popular amenity at the Aquatic Center and we expedited that to keep the kids happy,” said Froslie.

SARA Park Trailhead – SARA Park will be getting a facelift thanks in part to a grant from the Recreation Trails Program through Arizona State Parks and other funds from the city. Work is already underway and is expected to wrap up in September.

Havasu 280 – The Havasu 280 project could break ground in the next fiscal year – there is $1 million set aside for a utility road through the area, which the city hopes will be the future site for an environmental research facility and boat launch.

The CVB’s Kathy Silverthorn is the Heinz 57 of event planning. If you have an event you’d like to bring to the city, she’s the key executive in charge. She arranges reunions, bus tours, meetings and conventions, and fam tours, and can walk event planners through permitting, insurance, security, regattas, room blocks, and dozens of other logistical elements that makes special events, well, special. Reach her at

The Top 10 Best Restaurants in Arizona’s Front Patio


Lake Havasu City should be declared Arizona’s official patio, writes Roger Naylor in the Arizona Republic. “There’s something idyllic about the combination of water, sand, swaying palm trees and seagull wings flashing white in the sun. It’s the kind of place that pulls you outdoors.” See if some of his favorite restaurants are yours as well.

The Red Onion, the Octane Wine Garage and the Brew Shack are some of Roger’s favs. He also gives high fives to Cha-Bones and Tavern 95.

You can read his story here:

If you’re hankering for hamburgers, fries and custard, there’s a new Culver’s coming to town – home of ButterBurgers and fresh frozen custard. We’ve visited them before and love their wonderfully luscious and rich custard. It contains less air so it’s creamier and more decadent than ordinary ice cream; and because it’s served at a temperature that won’t freeze your taste buds, you actually experience the flavor longer. Look for it this summer at 1615 Countryshire Ave.

For a list of Lake Havasu City restaurants, view:

“I Don’t Want a Tickle. I’d Rather Ride on My Motorcycle” September 23, 2016


Those famous lyrics from an Arlo Guthrie song will be going through our head as we watch 100 motorcyclists come to Lake Havasu City on September 23, 2016, for the Race of the Century – the Motorcycle Cannonball Coast to Coast. Hard to believe, but all the motorcycles in the race must be 100+ years of age.

A coast-to-coast cannonball run, 3,400 miles from Atlantic City to San Diego, will make a one-night stopover in the city and you’re invited. Come to the Race of the Century and see these vintage bikes, talk to the riders and collectors from all over the world, and pick up a souvenir or two. Only circa 1916 and earlier machines will be allowed to run in the 2016 Cannonball. As in the years past, a very limited number of entrants will be allowed: only 100 riders will be chosen to participate in this historic stage race.

The antique bikes rarely go faster than 45 mph, so this is a true test of rider endurance as much as it is of machine, traveling as far as 300 miles in each stage of the race.

View more details at, including the exact location downtown where you can see these throttle jockeys taking a much-needed break in the city. There is no fee for spectators and there’s no better price than free.

Learn more about the race here:

Epic Event is a Wet and Wild Slide Show, September 24, 2016

havaslide tubrPlanning is underway for the 2016 Second Annual HavaSlide Epic Event. It features what organzers are calling the world’s largest 51-ft. dual drop slide. Who are we to argue?

If any water slide could be considered a skyscraper, we vote for the Dual Drop Sky Slide. This inflatable monster attraction, the tallest in the world, is guaranteed to get your heart beating. Located at Springberg McAndrew Park, McCulloch Blvd N & Querio Dr., the slide will be accompanied by four other awesome water attractions, FMX Motor Cross Stunt Show, food, beer, bands and a hot DJ. The event is a benefit for The Norona Effect, Inc., dedicated to building a state of the art Pediatric Infusion Center. Five percent of proceeds will go to the Lake Havasu City’s Educational Board.

So, let it slide. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at

Visitor Spotlight: Michael Randol Finally Visits Lake Havasu City

ike R

For at least 10 years, Michael Randol, 42, a food service equipment technician from Colorado Springs, Colo., has wanted to visit our shores. He finally made it this spring and told his Facebook followers about the trip. We wondered why he would get out of Dodge, trailer a boat 898 miles, and leave the popular Pikes Peak/Air Force Academy/Garden of the Gods region to spend time with us.

“I’ll tell you why. It was my first time. I loved it,” he tells us.

“The size of the lake, the water, I loved the channel where you can beach your boat and hang out and enjoy the atmosphere and the environment. It was like no other boating vacation experience I’ve ever had.”

A single dad, he spent quality time with his two teenagers and his girlfriend, Petra Roland, making sure to stop along the way and “stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona,” just like in the song, his 190 HP 2002 Crownline Boat parked nearby.

When not on the water, the boat was parked for free at his hotel, the Windsor Inn Motel Lake Side.

“I was in Lake Havasu City for five days. I didn’t have to worry about the weather. There was no wind, no rain. It was beautiful every day,” Michael reports.

“We went to the Parker Dam area and hung out there to wakeboard with another two couples and their boats. We also took a ride up to Topock Gorge – the best part of the whole trip.”

Michael adds, “It was certainly a memorable trip that I know my kids will remember for the rest of their lives, as shall I.”

Back at work now, he says simply, “I wish I was still there.”

Thanks, Michael. Better late than never.


Eye in the Sky


Ok, this might be a bit geeky, but you can wave to your friends back home, live, thanks to a new web cam installed on the roof of the London Bridge Resort. In fact, you can wave to the world, anyone with an Internet connection, thanks to Lake Havasu City’s live eye in the sky. No, the London Bridge has not fallen down. See for yourself.

There’s a new webcam in town that will show you beautiful live streaming HD views of the channel, the bridge, and the horizon as it scans from the northwest to the south. From a vantage point above the third story of the London Bridge Resort, you can see the clouds, gauge the wind by watching palm trees sway, and even witness special events in the channel as boats, kayakers, and stand-up paddlers float by.

Installed in August 2015, the “TrueLive” webcam is protected by a weatherproof housing and includes a cooling fan to withstand our world famous heat.

“You can watch where you’re going and look where you’ve been. View it anytime to see what’s going on down there and see the one-of-a-kind London Bridge,” said Eric T. Brandt, CEO of Destination Media Solutions, which has installed similar webcams along Lake Tahoe, and in Carmel, Monterey Bay, and several winter ski areas.

We like to stand on the dock and wave to mom and dad. Mostly we just like to sit and stare as it plays in the corner of our desktop screen, reminding us we need to get outside a whole lot more.

It’s consistently one of the top 20 most visited pages, among many thousands, on the website. View the webcam at:

Have a Hot Time at the Heat Hotel

Heat3If any local hotel is made for fun in the sun, it’s the trendy waterfront Heat Hotel, which covers over 4,000 square feet with direct access to the Bridgewater Channel and London Bridge. You’ll never guess what we found in the Heat’s Inferno suites.

It could very well be one of the most unusual hotel rooms you’ve ever booked. The six Inferno suites, over 800 square feet each, have colored LED accent lighting, a Whirlpool Jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room, and water that pours straight out of the ceiling. Best of all is a pole inside that they call a party shower – a great way to save water by showering with friends. Hotel manager Allison Miller tells us it can accommodate four to five people at a time. This takes family togetherness to a whole new level.

“Our 25-room hotel offers a wide variety of rooms and suites that showcase its waterfront setting of unparalleled views,” Allison says proudly.

There are California King Tempur-Pedic Serenity beds, luxurious linens, 42-inch flat screen televisions and contemporary furniture in each light, bright and airy room.

The hotel features music until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, a patio bar with outdoor air conditioning – water misters really work, reducing air temperatures by 30 degrees F.  Then for daytime fun there’s a pontoon boat for rental at a discount to guests, with an optional Designated Captain available to handle the navigating.

Best of all, the front desk is actually a bar, so you can order a favorite drink while you check in. What a great idea. In fact, we’ll drink to that.


Located at 1420 McCulloch Blvd, you can learn more about the Heat Hotel at

For a list of dozens of other hotels in Lake Havasu City view:

Don’t Confuse a PFD with a PDF. Wear a Life Jacket.

life jacketWe know how much we all love our smartphones and can’t seem to tear ourselves away from a screen, but one thing is certain: there’s a big difference between a PFD and a PDF. One is for reading files online, the other? Well, the other can be a lifesaver. The National Safe Boating Council is making a big effort to get boaters to wear Personal Flotation Devices.

“Life jackets are designed for a boater’s recreational water activity – from inflatable belt-packs for standup paddleboarders to form-fitting vests for PWC riders,” said Rachel Johnson, executive director of the National Safe Boating Council.

Life jackets may be inherently buoyant – using foam or other buoyant materials to stay afloat – or inflatable – providing buoyancy when inflated by relying on CO2 cylinders.

“Once you find the right U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for your activity, try it on. A snug fit is a proper fit,” continued Johnson. “Your life jacket is the most important piece of boating safety gear, so be sure to always Wear It!”

One important tip: choosing the right life jacket also means choosing the right size: remember, life jackets for adults do not work for children.

For other handy safety tips on choosing the right lifejacket, view:

For boating rules and safety on Lake Havasu, view:

Long-time Lake Havasu City Resident is Interim Boss of CVB

IMG_8311Studio 028

Born in Cambridge, Mass., Chip graduated from Lake Havasu City High School and along with his father and brothers, helped run the family karate studio, known in the city for 25 years as the House of Samurai.

Interested in public service, he gained certifications in firefighting, law enforcement, and public administration, which led to a 35-year career in the Lake Havasu City Fire Department, where he retired in April 2015 having achieved the rank of fire marshal/division chief. During this period he was president of the Arizona International Association of Arson Investigators and was honored as its Member of the Year.

In his spare time, Chip gave of himself selflessly, serving as president of the local school board, chairman of the Parks & Recreation advisory board, assisted in establishing the high school swim team, and currently works safety and rescue for the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series.

Meanwhile, he’s steering the CVB, helping it maintain a high level of service both to the local community as well as the tens of thousands of visitors who come to town each year. He serves on the search committee for the new CVB president, a position he hopes will be filled by early fall 2016.

“It’s important that our excellent staff continue its work to make this area the premier golf, fishing and boating destination in the southwest,” he says. “The new president of the CVB will be able to hit the ground running with a well-tuned marketing machine at his disposal.”

He and his wife Cathy, a retired real estate agent, will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this fall. After his service with the CVB, they’ll spend more time together boating, camping, cruising, and enjoying the company of their two grown daughters and one granddaughter, who he tells us is a “chip” off the old block.